Decision Support System – DSS

Simplifying decision making

Simple decision support tools designed by researchers at the international Potato Center (CIP) have been validated in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru (initial projects) with excellent results. The technology is currently undergoing validation experiments in Panama with IDIAP under a FONTAGRO Project.

Based on these results, CIP has turned the decision support tools into a smart-phone app, to make it more attractive for young farmers,

Please contact for more information  about these tools or to validate them in your countries.

Software assisted Decision Support system (DSS)

There are many DSS , below  non exhaustive overview made by EuroBlight, please follow link below for more info and contacts. Please click below for more updates.

BLIGHT MANAGEMENT is operated by the Aarhus University (AU), the Danish Agricultural Advisory Service (SEGES) and the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

Mileos ® is a web based, on-farm,  DSS available to potato growers to control potato late blight (LB) caused by Phytophthora infestans.

Calculations of risk values are based on sub-models for the different steps in the disease cycle like spore production, spore release, spore survival and infection of spores.

The Blightwatch service uses the Hutton Criteria to calculate blight risk across the UK. Using UK Met Office forecast data for thousands of forecast points, the Blightwatch service provides warning indications up to 24 hours ahead of potential Hutton Criteria

Met Éireann (Irish Meteorological Service) is issuing blight warnings guided by outputs of algorithm proposed by Bourke (1953), known as Irish Rules

Plant protection institutes in China work with the company HJDS to install an early warning system developed with CARAH (Belgium).

The instant maps are available on

Chinablight Website
HSJD Beijing HuiSiJunDa Technology C0.LTD (China) and CARAH (Belgium)
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China Decision support system against Potato Late Blight, introduce from Belgium by Chongqing Plan Protection Station on the recommendation of the Beijing Office of CIP, through the promotion of NATESC, cooperation with Beijing HSJD Technology company, was formed finally. At present, the system has been distributed in 14 mayor potato producing provinces in China, which provides a reliable decision-making basis for the prevention and control of potato late blight.